Clean Air Day: Thursday 21st June

In an action in the name of Streets Ahead, a pair of Lib Dem councillors, a County Council officer and Jeremy Wire spent around 3 hours handing out about 900 leaflets and a number of small plants (to offset emissions) to car drivers on Market Street and Masons Lane. The ‘Queen’ and ‘Prince Charles’ came to help out. The action served to highlight how polluting carbon-based fuel is when engines are left idling. A friend of Jeremy’s has said that she had started to switch her engine off in a queue and only restart when the queue ahead is starting to move and has noticed a distinct improvement in her petrol consumption. Interestingly, the leaflet also highlighted how polluting wood-burning stoves are, not only in the home but for surrounding neighbours too, saying ‘Wood-burning stoves look great and they’re so cosy. But burning wood produces a lot of air pollutants. To minimise your contribution to air pollution buy a Defra-approved stove, use authorised fuel, and only light it when you really really have to.’