Citizen’s Assembly: the UK and Climate Change

The Extinction Rebellion movement has three key demands on governments, including to call a Citizen’s Assembly about climate change to decide how things should be done and to keep government on track.   Whether or not you are a supporter of XR, the calling of a Citizen’s Assembly is a very positive step,

In the autumn our Chair Rachel Berger was excited to open a letter from the House of Commons containing an invitation to a citizens’ assembly on How should the UK tackle climate change.   Further reading showed just 100 people would be selected to achieve a group broadly reflecting the make up of the UK population, by age, gender, education level and ethnicity.  Rachel is not one of the 100, but we look forward to seeing what actions they recommend.
This process has been called for by six parliamentary committees: Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy; Environmental Audit; Science and Technology; Housing, Communities and Local Government; Transport; and the Treasury.

The House of Commons is paying for the process, which will be carried out by three organisations: The Sortition Foundation, mySociety, and The Involve Foundation. All of these are in different ways promoting the involvement of citizens in decision making.

The aim of the process is to produce an action plan for achieving net-zero emissions in the UK by 2050 – so, although this is not the right goal for the action plan, it is surely a good start.