2010 – British Gas Green Streets Award

In December 2009 we were the South West Regional Finalists of the British Gas Green Streets Award and the proud recipients of £150,000 worth of energy efficiency and renewable energy installations. 2010 was an extremely busy year implementing the Green Streets project. A huge variety of activities took place including insulation measures in 100 homes, … Read more

2009 – Launch of 2050 Declaration

In 2009 the Copenhagen Climate Change summit took place. There was widespread hope that the Declaration the global governments were planning to agree would be far reaching and imaginative and herald a strong campaign to reduce CO2emissions. Sadly, this was not to be and to this day governments are still wrangling over the best way … Read more

2006 – Launch of Climate Friendly BoA

CFB came about through a Wiltshire Wildlife Tust initiative to encourage communities to take action on climate change. It launched in 2006 with widespread publicity and the support of the BoA Town Council. Since 2006 CFB has grown and developed into a thriving organisation, that is well respected locally and nationally. Although we are not … Read more