September update

Heather is one of the most glorious sights to see on the moorlands in August, unfortunately the effects of the fires on some moors have reduced its intensity of growth and colour.  However heather is a great pollinator over winter for those winter flowering varieties so why not plant some in your garden?  BUT please note that in this area soil is alkaline so in sourcing plants make sure they will grow in alkaline soils as up on the moors acidic soils are the norm.

Please do not use compost containing peat as this a valuable store for carbon.

Another great winter pollinator is ivy, a good supply of food to insects as our winter weather is variable.

Many wild plants are edible, so if you have nettles cut sections back after flowering and you have a cut and come again source of food.     Liz Stephens

If you are an early riser or like walking at dusk why not get a bat detector to enhance your walks?   They can be easily tuned into a frequency that will let you know which bat is flying.  Basic ones cost about £50.