August update

The IPCC report: Climate Change and Land is available.  For extracts and comment – see here

CFBoA Key Messages on Sustainable Food and Drink have now been agreed by the Coordinating Committee.
See here.
“Farm and Nature walk and talk”: Hartley Farm (Shop) Saturday 5th October.
With Sue Coppard delighted to have confirmation that all beef and lamb sold at Hartley Farm is grass-fed and that pork, chicken and eggs are all from free-range production, we are very happy that the Bowles family will take us on a tour of the farm to find out about their progress in making the farm and shop as sustainable as possible, and some of the challenges. For those who enjoyed the visit so much last year (that they have already signed up to come again!), there are exciting new developments in the pipeline that Richard and Tom will look forward to sharing with us. We’ll be hearing about how farming practice can encourage wildlife alongside food production. For those who wish to walk up from BoA, the Biodiversity Group will lead a walk to the farm (on a different route from last year) – the theme will be hedgerows. Times and all details still to be confirmed (the farm walk will be approximately 2 hours).   Ros Edwards

Food Banks are urging people to donate food during the school holidays.