Armchair Activist?

If you are kicking your heels while in lockdown wondering what you can do to bring about the sustainable and equitable future we all desire – besides the urgent ones at the top of the newsletter -here are a few more actions and petitions you might consider, as well as writing to your local MP and councillors about any doubts and suggestions you might have about the courses of action they are taking. For more activism, you might consider and 38degrees. If you need more information around the issues we cover, try Carbon Brief, Possible, The Ecologist and Fossil Free News amongst others; and there’s been an explosion of webinars!!

Greenpeace have this petition calling on the government to make sure that the Economic Recovery they put in motion is Sustainable, and protects people and the planet. Experts are saying that by the end of the coronavirus crisis, our country and our economy will look very different. We need to make sure that the future we build for ourselves involves well paid, sustainable jobs, energy efficient housing, a healthy food system, and a proper response to climate change. The government is looking for solutions to this crisis right now.

While small and independent businesses are struggling to survive, the Bank of England is creating billions in new money to bail out Britain’s biggest companies – in secret, via the Covid Corporate Financing Facility (CCFF). Positive Money have a petition to Stop Secret Business Bailouts Now here.

The ‘Rethink HS2 Alliance’ has HS2 Betrays Us All – Write to your MP here via Stand For The Trees.

Oxfam has launched an ambitious campaign to Cancel Developing Country Debt so that those countries can better tackle coronavirus and it’s aftermath here.

The Green Party have a petition to Protect Local Democracy here.