April update

THE 2019 GREAT BRITISH SPRING CLEAN  took place on Sun March 24th. About 20 people from Plastic Free Bradford and the BOA Rowing club picked up litter all around the town and along the  Avon. A plastic free picnic by the river then followed, hosted by the Rowing Club. Everyone shared food and drink, avoiding any single use plastic. This was organised by John Pearce as part of a campaign to gain accreditation for Bradford as a plastic free town. It was a good event and even the weather was kind.

The Zero Waste Group  are now looking at setting up collection boxes for Terracycle which recycles the non recyclable. There will be public collection points in the town for  various forms of waste materials. Worldwide Terracycle  diverts millions of pounds of waste from landfill and incinerators each month.

Plans for the 3 drinking stations in Bradford are going well and hopefully they will be installed during April. They will be in Westbury Gardens, Culver Close and near the Sladesbrook Playground at the top of the town. Each fountain will have a plaque giving details of the organisations that have provided funding and a short piece of new poetry by a local poet.     Maureen Wood