There are loads of opportunities for cycling in and around BoA.  More and more people are discovering the huge advantages of pedal power – zero emission transport, great for your health and wellbeing and often quicker than cars. The National Cycle Network Route 4 (NCN4) runs through the South of the town, mainly on the … Read more

Re-think rubbish

It has been estimated that over half of what is currently going into landfill is being needlessly discarded. So, what should we be doing?  We need to think differently about our rubbish with an emphasis on reducing and re-using, so there is less to recycle or dispose of. Some practical advice for reducing or re-using: … Read more

Zero Waste Events

Waste Watchers

Zero waste events are those where no waste or rubbish is left behind. So, anything brought to the event should be in re-usable or recyclable packaging and any waste should be re-cycled or composted. CFB’s Zero Waste Group would like to encourage event organisers to think about the amount of waste generated by their event … Read more


Throwing something away? STOP!! Join BoA Freegle and keep it out of landfill by giving it away to someone who can re-use it. Freegle is there to help you dispose of still useful, but unwanted things.  All sorts of items change hands – beds, cameras, clothes, books, kitchen utensils, lawnmowers, children’s toys, furniture. You can … Read more


Re-cycling rates are improving all the time but there is so much more we could do. make full use of your kerbside collection service – for paper, tins and cans, glass, aluminium foil, textiles, plastic bottles, cardboard and garden waste. get together with neighbours to take other recycling to Hills at Canal Road, Trowbridge – … Read more

Food Waste

When we throw away food we are not just wasting the food, but also the resources such as energy, fuel, time and water that went into growing, harvesting, storing, transporting and cooking it. We are also throwing away loads of money, averaging 100s of £s per household each year. A new survey has found that the 5.3 … Read more

Refill your water bottles — for free!

Calling all drinkers! We know how important it is to carry a drink when you are out and about – at work, at school, walking, cycling or out for the day. Well, now there is a Refill Revolution taking place in Bradford on Avon, around the country and in Europe to help you refill your water … Read more

Food and farming

Defra’s Food Statistics Pocketbook 2012 says that UK produced 51.8% of its own food supply in 2011. This included 83% of dairy products and bird’s egg supply, 82% of meat and meat preparation supply, 62% of cereals and cereal preparations (rice included in the overall calculation), 23% of fruit and vegetables. We are fortunate that … Read more

Growing your own

Only 23% of fruit and veg consumed in the UK are produced here, according to Defra statistics. With world food reserve levels low, and prices high, which particularly affects the world’s poorest, everyone’s growing and producing contribution counts. Many people have space to produce some fruit, veg and herbs in their garden, in a window … Read more

10 good reasons…

10 GOOD REASONS WHY LOCAL FOOD IS IMPORTANT 1. Freshness and flavour: We have many local farmers and producers in the area, passionate about the quality and integrity of their food, resulting in delicious produce which is full of flavour. 2. Seasonality: Much easier to know what is in season if food is locally produced. Connects people … Read more