August Update

The IPCC REPORT: Climate Change and Land is available. For extracts and comment – see here
CFBoA KEY MESSAGES on Sustainable Food and Drink have now been agreed by the Coordinating Committee.
See here.
“FARM AND NATURE WALK AND TALK”: Hartley Farm (Shop) Saturday 5th October.
With Sue Coppard delighted to have confirmation that all beef and lamb sold at Hartley Farm is grass-fed and that pork, chicken and eggs are all from free-range production, we are very happy that the Bowles family will take us on a tour of the farm

July Update

July Update
Success at the BOOM Awards
At the Soil Association’s BOOM (Best of Organic Markets) Awards Brown Cow Organics, where we had a really interesting and enjoyable farm walk on 11th May, has come top in both the Yoghurts and Chilled Desserts subcategory and the Charcuterie and Processed Meats subcategory for their beef burgers from their Guernsey dairy beef herd. Nigel Gerdes was clearly of a mind with the judges when said that he could vouch that the yoghurt (we each received a large pot as a gift after the farm walk) was the best that he had ever tasted. Congratulations to Judith and Clive!
Seasonal Fruit and Veg
More and more lovely fruit and veg coming in to season from our local growers at the moment.

June Update

This month the Farming Minister has made a statement that grazing cattle and sheep on uplands and as part rotational farming is part of the solution to climate change, not the problem. In the wake of the report by the Committee on Climate change, he has said that climate targets can be met without reducing livestock production in the UK.
Read here more feedback from the group that took part in on our visit on 11th May to this organic dairy and beef farm.

May Update

BRADFORD ON AVON FOOD AND DRINK FESTIVAL: 1st June – Victory Field, Frome Road. There will be plenty of amazing food and drink to eat, lots of wonderful shopping opportunities and plenty to keep you occupied.
BROWN COW ORGANICS – CFB ‘FARM AND NATURE WALK AND TALK’: We were welcomed and shown round this beautiful farm by Judith Freane, who farms with her husband, Clive, and were sent home with a pot each of their delicious River Cottage yoghurt (also available from Hartley Farm Shop). The yogurt and meat from this organic Guernsey dairy and beef herd is high in A2 beta casein and can be ordered online or by telephone for delivery or collection.

July Update

Bradford-on-Avon Domestic Solar PV Offer
One of the key issues facing CFB’s aim to help Bradford-on-Avon’s carbon neutral commitment is to see a widespread take-up of solar systems by the homeowners of the town and its parishes. This matter has also been flagged by Bradford on Avon Town Council. Using the simple economic formula, that the lower the price the higher the demand, we are informing you about AEL Solar’s discounted solar offer.
With this offer homeowners can: save carbon; save and earn money; and contribute to reducing the growing threat of climate change. We are presenting this offer to CFB members but it is up to each individual to talk to AEL and decide if they wish to take it up as CFBoA cannot as a group endorse a commercial operation. We encourage you to book a survey and make your own decision. More here

April Update

POTENTIAL SOLAR PV SCAM ALERT from Nigel Gerdes A friend in Nottingham wrote recently: ‘We’ve had solar panels for around 8 years and this morning I received a letter saying I have not received my free solar system health check and service and that the warranty is about to expire.’   The top of the … Read more

February Update

ENERGY FROM WASTE – THE WESTBURY NORTHACRE PLANT You may well be aware that a planning application for the construction of an advanced Energy from Waste (EfW) plant at Westbury has recently been approved by Wiltshire Council. It is a very conversational decision and objectors to the proposal have been very vocal in campaigning against … Read more

Smart Energy Storage by Clive Tomlinson

Clive Tomlinson spoke at our November 2018 evening meeting. He works for Swanbarton, a company which specialises in energy storage. Whilst many of us are enthusiasts for carbon-free renewable energy such as wind, solar and hydro, the energy generated by these means is unpredictable – the sun only shines in day time and the wind tends to blow in the early hours while peak consumption is at breakfast and tea time. Another potential problem is that local generation, for example solar panels on the roofs of houses, can lead to the overloading of local power networks. Hence the need for energy storage which essentially means batteries.

August update

At the July drop-in coffee morning a small group swapped information on how to travel around Europe (and beyond) without flying. Some great travellers’ tales came from this and we thought the following links would be of interest. Klaus recommended a couple of combined rail and ferry offers: Irish Ferries Rail/Sail – Britain to (Republic … Read more