Dietary recommendations for reducing environmental impacts and improving sustainability

Dietary Recommendations from the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation 2016 “There is increasing evidence that dietary patterns with low environmental impacts are also healthier. Common features of such diets are: the diversity of foods eaten a balance between energy intake and energy expenditure the inclusion of minimally processed tubers and whole grains along with legumes, … Read more

Ideas for Plastic-Free Gardening

Will we ever be plastic-free? Maybe not, but to know that a broken plastic flower pot which I threw away last week will still be around in 400 years is mind-blowing! Here are a few ideas to get you thinking as we try to break the ‘plastic’ habits and begin the process to greatly reduce … Read more

Lamppost Charging

The air quality in our towns is not great. Zero emission Electric Vehicles (EV) can help but unfortunately many of us have no driveway to charge them. Well, a solution may be just around the street corner. Ubitricity, a Berlin based business, is rolling out a network of lamppost based chargers following trials in London … Read more