Invest in Community Energy

Group of people on a roof cheering, with raised arms

Investing in locally generated, renewable energy is becoming an increasingly popular way of individuals helping to increase the amount of clean energy generation. It’s also an ideal solution for those of us not so keen on having things such as solar panels on our own buildings. It’s a win-win situation for communities.  Not only is … Read more

Renewable Heat Incentive

Solar water heating panels on a roof

Solar Thermal Hot Water and Domestic Heating in Bradford on Avon In 2011, Climate Friendly Bradford started to promote adoption of Photovoltaic electricity generation across Bradford and the surrounding villages as means of reducing individual householder’s carbon footprint, and, at the same time capitalising on the government’s Feed-in-Tariff (FIT) that is designed to offset initial … Read more

Spring Cleaning

Having a spring clean? Trying to declutter but not sure what to do with that pile of unwanted household items? Rehoming your goods contributes to the circular economy and maximises their use before eventually being recycled or sent to landfill. You may already be a member of the local Freegle or Freecycle groups but you could also try Trash Nothing which captures all the local recycling … Read more