What Is Sustainable Food?

Ultimately sustainably sourced food and sustainable practice throughout the food chain is in everyone’s interest. The following nationally recognised sustainable food frameworks can help guide us: Nationally recognised sustainable food frameworks: The Government Buying Standards for Food and Catering (for the public sector). These recommendations of minimum sustainability standards are likely to be good initial … Read more

Positive Choices

The food we choose has an effect, not only on our own health, but also on the health of the environment and the planet. How food is produced is an outcome of our buying choices. In March 2010 Hilary Benn, then Secretary of State for Defra, said that ‘people power’ could revolutionise the way that … Read more

Some of the issues

We are very fortunate in the Bradford on Avon area to have low carbon, locally produced food readily available. Increasingly some food retailers, schools, hospitals, restaurants and other organisations and individuals are trying to ensure that they are sourcing their food to high environmental and ethical standards. As well as for supplying context, we hope … Read more

Need for joined up thinking

There are many important strands in the food chain where it would be helpful to have ‘joined-up thinking’, such as: 20% of UK greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are attributable to the UK food chain (7% due to agriculture). The overall figure is estimated to be 30%, if land use change (including forest) is counted proportionally … Read more

Electric vehicles

Electric cars and vans are already on our roads covering zero emission miles as they go and their numbers are increasing. And, of course, if you are charging your car from clean energy your emissions truly are zero. It is predicted that, in 2013, electric car use will really accelerate as more and more car … Read more

Clean Air Town

Bradford on Avon – A Clean Air Town? Well, no. The traffic causes air quality problems and has done for years. There’s no quick and easy way to limit the traffic, so meanwhile why not change some of it? We think Bradford on Avon is a perfect place for zero-emission electric vehicles (EVs), and we’d … Read more