Lots of the businesses in our community area are already signed up to our Carbon Neutral 2050 campaign. If you are a local business and have not yet done so, we encourage you to sign and to display one of our attractive  Carbon Neutral 2050 stickers.  We’d really love to hear from you to tell us … Read more


In 2012 we concentrated on encouraging people to plant butterfly friendly plants in their gardens as some species are in decline. They were then encouraged to take part in a butterfly survey organized by the Butterfly Conservation Society, which can illustrate the effects of climate change. We’re also undertaking several wildflower mix planting sessions in and around … Read more


During 2012/13 we decided to monitor swifts. BoA is very fortunate to be visited by these wonderful birds, who make their homes in this area. They are dependant on the availability of food and nesting sites which can be natural or artificial. Nestboxes make great presents and can help maintain the swift population. Several nest … Read more


What is happening to our bees? Bees are very important insects because they pollinate our wildflowers and crops. Sadly things aren’t going well and they are declining at a worrying rate: Two species of bumblebee have become extinct; Managed honey bee colonies fell by 53% between 1985 and 2005; Wild honey bees are in serious … Read more

Tree and Hedge Planting

Tree planting history: In the winter of 2008/09 our first project was to plant 850 trees in Barton Farm Country Park, working closely with the Wiltshire Council Countryside Ranger. This huge undertaking involved around 300 people from the local community and all the local schools. Since then we have: In 2009: 20 people planted a … Read more

Active Travel Map

  In 2012 the Active Travel Map was launched to encourage people to walk, cycle or use public transport for local trips, rather than use the car.It has since been updated (August 2013). Five CFB members spent around a year researching all the ‘strategic’ footpaths in the town, paths that link up places that we … Read more


Bradford on Avon is a very walkable town, although the hills on the North side can be rather challenging to some! Walking uses zero emissions, is good for your health and wellbeing and can be a very social activity – you’re more likely to bump into someone you know when out on foot. It’s a … Read more


 There are loads of opportunities for cycling in and around BoA.  More and more people are discovering the huge advantages of pedal power – zero emission transport, great for your health and wellbeing and often quicker than cars. The National Cycle Network Route 4 (NCN4) runs through the South of the town, mainly on the … Read more

Re-think rubbish

It has been estimated that over half of what is currently going into landfill is being needlessly discarded. So, what should we be doing?  We need to think differently about our rubbish with an emphasis on reducing and re-using, so there is less to recycle or dispose of. Some practical advice for reducing or re-using: … Read more

Zero Waste Events

Waste Watchers

Zero waste events are those where no waste or rubbish is left behind. So, anything brought to the event should be in re-usable or recyclable packaging and any waste should be re-cycled or composted. CFB’s Zero Waste Group would like to encourage event organisers to think about the amount of waste generated by their event … Read more