Swift Awareness Week Activities from Rowena Quantrill

All over the UK events were held as part of Swift Awareness Week (June 22 -30) to highlight the decline in numbers of these amazing birds and to demonstrate how they can be helped. The Bradford on Avon Swift group, an offshoot of the biodiversity group of CFBoA were lucky enough to have Jonathan Pomroy, wildlife artist, author, Swift expert and former resident of Westwood, in town to give a talk on the 29th, followed by a walk to observe and learn about the Swifts which were whizzing around over our heads on the warm midsummer evening.


As previously reported enriching our soils with organic matter will help their growing power. In these days when many people carefully consider their diet, please include soil enrichment as part of this. See the research done by Ros Edwards in the SFADG, to be found on the CFB website. The health of our planet and your health are important.

28th July – the next owl nest box workshop, at Avonleigh 9-12 noon

Report on the JUNE DAYTIME CFB MEETING on Wildflowers and organic gardening.


Our August meeting will be different from our usual format and location. Our chair, Rachel Berger, is going to tell stories around the theme of the climate crisis and our relationship with the natural world. The event will be participative in that the audience will be invited to reflect on how each story affected them and to suggest improvements that Rachel can make before her next telling.


Volunteers needed! To monitor swifts especially nesting sites. Let us know if you see a swift go into or out of a space in a roof or a nest box. The time is now as the chicks emerge they will be feeding them. Other aspects of our work Water monitoring results from the town area … Read more


Monday 15th July at 7.00 for 7.30pm, The Quaker Meeting House
We will hear from John Hindley about (another) intriguing solution to how we can go about cutting carbon emissions. The title of his talk is:
‘Three Problems, One Solution: Pollution, Inequality, Climate Change’

He writes: The Carbon Fee & Dividend policy for which we’re campaigning can (unlike carbon taxation by itself) be expected to redistribute income downwards as well as providing substantial health benefits through cleaner air.

June Meeting – Population Matters

The speaker at our meeting on June 17 will be Robin Maynard, Director of Population Matters. Population Matters is a UK-based charity which campaigns to achieve a sustainable human population, to protect the natural world and to improve people’s lives.
Monday 17th June at 7.00 for 7.30pm at the Quaker Meeting House, BA15 1JU

Bio-diversity update

Are you doing your bit for nature?

The 2016 ‘State of Nature Report’ discovered that the UK has lost significantly more biodiversity over the long term than the world average. It’s an ‘INSECT ARMAGEDDON’. A Rocha UK, the charity that runs the Eco Church scheme, publish a monthly e-newsletter. Below is a shortened version by Klaus Huber of an article they published in early March. You can read the full version here
We all have a love-hate relationship with our six legged friends. Some bite, others sting and some look downright scary. Yet without insects, the planet would slowly die. Insects are critical for pollination; they also provide food for birds, which in turn are the main prey for many mammals – remove insects and you lose one of the key building-blocks of biodiversity.
If we are to rescue the UK’s insects, we are going to have to act incredibly quickly.


‘FARM AND NATURE WALK AND TALK’ – Brown Cow Organics Date and time: Saturday 11th May, 10-12am Reserve a place now – all welcome Farm and Nature Walk and Talk – Brown Cow Organics


‘FARM AND NATURE WALK AND TALK’ – Brown Cow Organics Date and time: Saturday 11th May, 10-12am Reserve a place now – all welcome Farm and Nature Walk and Talk – Brown Cow Organics