Active Travel Map


In 2012 the Active Travel Map was launched to encourage people to walk, cycle or use public transport for local trips, rather than use the car.It has since been updated (August 2013).

Five CFB members spent around a year researching all the ‘strategic’ footpaths in the town, paths that link up places that we need to get to, such as the station, schools, health centre, playgrounds and swimming pool.

The footpaths are marked in red so they stand out clearly against the roads.  The ‘cycleable roads’ are marked in yellow and off road cycle paths in green.

The rear of the map shows the main bus routes within and through the town.

The map is free and available at various places around the town – Library, Tourist Information Centre, Made in Bradford, TT Cycles, Health Centre and the 3 town schools.You can download a copy here: Active Travel Map.

Production of the map was made possible with the generous financial support of the Bradford on Avon Community Area Board and printing costs were met by sponsorship from local businesses and St Laurence School.

Have you used the map?

If so, we would welcome your feedback; please e-mail us at

  • has it helped you use your car less?  If ‘yes’, by how much?
  • do you walk more now?
  • do you cycle more now?
  • do you use the bus more?
  • any other comment you wish to make.