August 2020 update

We hope the Government’s new walking and cycling plan, will lead to easier, safer journeys on foot and by bike. But an even bigger plan – covering all modes of transport – is now being formulated by Government:
The Transport Decarbonisation Plan.  There’s no getting around it: when it comes to reducing carbon emissions, transport is not doing well. While emissions from the ‘energy supply’ sector have fallen by 62 per cent since 1990, emissions from transport have fallen by just three per cent. The good news is that the Government has recognised this and resolved to act. It’s putting together a Transport Decarbonisation Plan… and it wants to know what YOU think should be in it. For more information from the Campaign for Better Transport including a link to the consultation, click here 
We banned tobacco advertising because smoking kills. Now it’s time to put a stop to the promotion of highly polluting Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs). So Stand against SUV advertising here