2013 – new swift group formed

During 2012/13 we decided to monitor swifts.

BoA is very fortunate to be visited by these wonderful birds, who make their homes in this area. They are dependant on the availability of food and nesting sites which can be natural or artificial. Nestboxes make great presents and can help maintain the swift population.

Several nest boxes have already been installed by Linden Homes in buildings on the new Kingston Mill site  encouraged by a couple of CFB members.

We now have an active “swift group” which will be monitoring the swifts’ activity more closely when they come over in 2014.  Since the gropup started 7 swift boxes have neem installed around town, some on houses and 2 at St Laurence School.

The Swift Conservation Society has lots of useful information on its website as well as plans for building nest boxes and if you’d like to take part in the RSPB’s swift survey you can do so here.