2009 – Launch of 2050 Declaration

In 2009 the Copenhagen Climate Change summit took place. There was widespread hope that the Declaration the global governments were planning to agree would be far reaching and imaginative and herald a strong campaign to reduce CO2emissions.

Sadly, this was not to be and to this day governments are still wrangling over the best way to proceed. However, what Copenhagen did do was to generate a huge amount of grass roots support across the world and thousands of groups like ours sprang up and started knocking on the doors of their governments.

CFB decided to produce its own Carbon Neutral 2050 Declaration and encouraged people across our Community Area to sign up to it, to pledge to reduce their CO2emissions. There was a massive response from individuals, families, schools, councils, businesses and community groups and in 2014 sign ups exceeded 800. We are now aiming for 1,000!