Fitzmaurice Primary School's energy rating has made an enormous leap from  an 'E' to a 'C', and a high 'C' at that!

Not so many years ago Fitz was doing well with its energy consumption, following some insulation improvements using a grant under the Green Streets programme in 2010.  This helped it gain a 'D' rating, which was pretty good considering the age and construction of their older buildings.

A new extension was then added in 2013/14 and, during this process some industrial dehumidifiers needed to be used as the winter storms had flooded the partially completed buildings.  Soon after the new building had been completed a new EPC inspection took place in preparation for the solar panels to be be installed later in 2014.  This EPC was a disaster for the school's energy ratings because the dehumidifiers had used an enormous amount of electricity.

So when the EPC was renewed at the end of 2016, the school was delighted to learn that not only had the rating improved into the 'C' category, it is in the top half of this.  Clearly the high energy efficiency of the new build, the installation of solar panels and more double glazing installations were the drivers for this.  

The certificate states that a rating of 100, the top end of 'D' would be appropriate for this building, so Fitz really is punching above its weight.

So, well done Fitz, we're really proud of you! Your Eco Schools Green Flag status is well and truly deserved.































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