Biodiversity group

We used to be called the Tree Group but found this restricted our activity to the winter months. So, in 2011 we realised we wanted to do more about increasing wildlife habitat and corridors and decided to call ourselves the biodioversity group, as it better reflects our purpose.

We now focus on something different each year, while continuing to plant trees and hedges as well as manage those already planted. Suggestions for worthwhile projects are always welcome, so please get in touch with us if you have any ideas.

All of our sessions are very sociable with lots of refreshments including delicious cakes! Tools are provided; we simply ask people to turn up, suitably clothed and shod and work as hard as you are able. While we welcome children most of the time, unfortunately the activities are not always suitable because of the tools and equipment we are using.

If you feel you would like to help the group in any way please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (preferred) or telephone/text 07507 782523.


Tree planting history:

In the winter of 2008/09 our first project was to plant 850 trees in Barton Farm Country Park, working closely with the Wiltshire Council Countryside Ranger. This huge undertaking involved around 300 people from the local community and all the local schools.

Since then we have:

  • In 2009: 20 people planted a 100 metre hedge and a few trees at Bearfield Recreation Ground;
  • In 2011: 15 people planted a 150 metre hedge at Holt Primary School;
  • In 2010: 12 people planted a 250 metre hedge at Avonleigh Organic Vineyard;
  • In  2010 & 2011: 10 people layed a hedge at Quoins Organic Vineyard;
  • In 2012:  9 people planted 9 fruit trees to create an orchard and carried out maintenance on previously planted hedging;
  • In 2012:  We cleared 625 sq. metres of ground at Avonleigh Organic Vineyard, ready for wildflower planting in spring 2013.

Tree planting aims:

  • Promote an awareness of the effect of climate change on biodiversity.
  • Improve the biodiversity within the Bradford on Avon Community Area.
  • Create a greater interest in biodiversity.
  • Raise awareness as to how trees, even young trees, can change the nature of the structure of the soil and help reduce the impact of heavy rainfall.
  • Involve as wide range of people as possible from the local community.
  • Encourage a greater interest in climate change.